What to bring?



Check out the list below for recommendations on what you may need to spend 6 hours in the Papago.

  • Warm clothes – Temperatures often tend to cool off during last few hours of the race as the sun goes down.
  • Snacks – Treats for you and/or your team. Bring along anything that sounds good either for a quick pit stop or a team brunch. There will be food and coffee on-site – bring cash for extra nutrition.
  • Spares – Tubes, tires, wheels, pump, iPod (one bud in the ear only) and Co2 for those unfortunate, unpredictable events. Bicycle Ranch will be on-site to do limited repairs, and will have parts.
  • Water or other cold beverages – Did we mentioned that you’re going to be riding for 6 hours? We HIGHLY recommend that you bring some water along. We will have some water (and HAMMER HEED) in the venue – but this is the desert.
  • Comfortable clothes – A different set of clothes is often nice to have for hanging out between laps or to change into for the post-race activities.
  • Sunblock – That Arizona sun is no joke. A little sunblock on race day can help prevent those post-race regrets.
  • Chamois butter – It’s a wise investment for a comfortable ride.
  • Rain jacket – You never know what a day in the desert may bring.
  • Baby wipes – You would be surprised how useful they are.

* The race course and timeline can be changed at the discretion of the race organization. All distances are approximate by GPS measurements. The race can be altered, postponed or cancelled with no refunds due to weather, natural disturbances, police activity, acts/threats of terrorism or other acts beyond the race director’s control.